Grant Eligibility and Application Process

Step 1: Attend an information session

All grant applicants must begin the process by attending an informational session at the San Francisco Birth Center, to determine whether they are clinically eligible for a birth center birth, and to ensure the SFBC has available slots for a particular due date. 

Check out the Birth Center's event calendar for a list of upcoming dates for information sessions. You can register online for a session at the Birth Center. You may also call the midwives directly at (415) 780-0848.

At the information session, interested individuals will receive a short grant application form, which asks for applicant financial information pertinent to determining grant eligibility. The FOSFBC assess financial hardship and awards grants based on Unadjusted Area Median Income, as reported by the Department of Housing and Urban Development for the San Francisco metro area. The FOSFBC awards partial grants on a sliding scale to families who earn below 100% of median income. 

Step 2: Submit your application

Once you have attended an informational session, you are ready to complete and sign your application form. Scan and email the completed form to the Friends at:

You will receive notice of receipt and a formal eligibility decision as soon as possible. You may also choose to mail the application by U.S. Post to the address given on the form. Notice of receipt will be slower for applications sent by post.

Applications are considered on a first come, first served basis, and grant decisions are made based on income eligibility and availability of funds.

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